Deck Trends for 2017

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Deck Trends for 2017

The sounds of the birds chirping, the lawnmowers buzzing and the warmer weather mean it’s time for us to start building decks. If you’re looking for a Cecil County deck builder, give us a call at 410-392-9700 for a free consultation.

If you have never had a deck, or your existing deck is in disrepair and you want to replace it with a bigger, newer deck, your options are almost limitless. We design and install wood decks and composite decking. Keep in mind, that even with composite decking, the framing, or structural part that holds the deck up, is made of treated lumber. Check out our Wood vs Composite Decking page for more on the pros and cons of each type of material.

Some trends to watch this year:

Deck Board Bending
Curves are becoming increasingly popular in the decking world, contradicting the idea that all decks must have square corners. This trend is for composite decking.

Heating & Lighting to Extend Use
Decks aren’t just for summer anymore. With more and more people thinking about their deck as an extension of their living space deck usage is extending deeper into the fall, and even into the winter in some cases.

Ceramic style heaters allow for spot heating and fire pits continue to grow in popularity as additions to outdoor spaces, adding another level of warmth and comfort to extend the seasonality of your deck.

Decks Built for the Elements
Because the majority of decks are uncovered, they are exposed to harsh sunlight, rain, snow and ice. Wood decks might be cheaper up front, but they age at a faster pace and require a lot of upkeep. Consumers are increasingly investing in composite decking materials that offer a long list of benefits and are longer-lasting.

Our covered decks are a great option to protect wood decks or composite decking. Not only is your deck protected, but covered decks expand your lighting options, and allow for the incorporation of ceiling fans.

Virtual Deck Design
Before jumping into investing in a deck, many homeowners go back and forth on the idea before actually taking the plunge. Virtual deck design is an increasingly popular tool because it allows you to see what your options are before opening your wallet. Just Google virtual deck design and the apps for several of the major decking manufacturers will pop up in your search results. Go ahead and use more than one of the design tools.

Color Options

Long gone are the days where all decks are wooden and brown. A wide variety of paints and stains for wood decks, and an increasing color palette for composite decking provide homeowners with the chance to personalize their color choices.

If you’re ready to expand your outdoor living space with a new deck, or you need a handyman to perform some deck repairs, call The Dan Banks Company today at 410-392-9700 for a free consultation today. We can give you estimates for wood decks, composite decking and various add-on items such as seating, planters, etc.