Handyman Services to Cool Your Home

Elkton Handyman Services

OK, so summer is officially here. Are you finding that your second story is just too uncomfortable when it comes time to sleep?

The Dan Banks Company can help. Our handyman services include:

  • -Attic Insulation Installation
  • -Attic Fan Installation
  • -Ceiling Fan Installation

Most homeowners don’t want to be crawling around in their attic, but we’re used to it. Many older homes and even some of those built more recently, just don’t have the right amount or type of attic insulation to do the best job of keeping your second floor comfortable.

An attic fan can also help, by drawing hot air out of your attic once the attic reaches a certain temperature. Ceiling fan installation in the bedrooms can also help keep you comfortable year round.

Call the Dan Banks Company today at 410-392-9700 for a free estimate for any number of handyman services. If you have a bunch of things on your list, we can schedule a longer visit to handle everything at one time. We work mostly in Cecil County. We look forward to hearing from you!