Home Builders and Home Remodeling Contractors Products of Choice

Elkton Home Builders

The Dan Banks Company will build and remodel your home using products we are familiar with, and products that have a quality reputation in the industry. For every project, we will recommend products from one or two companies, and give you estimates for each grade of product. A lot of times there is the budget grade, middle grade and high end grade of product.

Most home builders and home remodeling contractors work the same way. Of course, if you want a specific brand of siding, or replacement windows, or something else, we will be happy to accommodate your wishes and budget, as long as we are still installing a quality product. We build homes made to last, and it’s the same with our home remodeling projects. We will not use cheap, poorly made materials in your project, because you get what you pay for, and trying to cut too many corners leaves you with a home or remodeling project that starts to fall part or show signs of wear and tear within a year or two of completion.

We thought you might be interested in a recent Builder Magazine survey of builders where they were surveyed about the building product brands they know best and use most. While many of these products fall right in line with materials we use and recommend, not all of them do, for various reasons.

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