Protect and Inspect Your Roof

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It seems that a lot of leaks are caused by the rubber gasket around the plumbing vents poking through the roof.  These pipe boots as they are called dry-rot and it is easy to check them out if they look closely.  Also clean your gutters.  That can tell you a lot about the condition of your shingles.  Also by inspecting your gutters and cleaning them you can inspect your fascia for damage even bird nests in the overhang.  The gutter guards I have seen do not protect from the maple seedlings that are everywhere.  We recently put a gutter vane on a house for this reason.  The homeowner has tried them for over a year and does not seem to be getting any water in his basement even without traditional gutters.  So these are easy to determine.  Contact the Dan Banks Company if you aren’t sure 410-392-9700