Pros and Cons of Cedar Siding

Cedar is a beautiful natural wood that is widely regarded as one of the Earth’s most valuable and beautiful natural resources. The woods natural golden hue and straight grain go well with many different architectural designs and appeal to a wide range of home and business owners.Pros of cedar siding
  1. Environmentally friendly production and materials. Of the three major siding materials in the United States, cedar has the lowest rate of energy consumption and greenhouse gas production.
  2. Organic preservatives. Cedar has a remarkable ability to produce its own preservatives and protective compound called cedar oil. Deterring rot and pests, cedar oil is entirely organic and safe for regular human contact.
  3. Cedar has remarkable structural integrity and is well suited to nearly any role in the construction of the home. The wood easily stands up to a wide variety of outside forces, including whether impact.
  4. Beautiful appearance and scent. Artists and builders like Cedar’s appearance and aroma. The woods straight grain and sharp, earthy, piney smell have been celebrated in many art forms.
  5. Exceptionally workable. Cedar’s structure is a perfect balance of strength and weight. It is a durable, high impact material, but can also bend in shape to fit nearly any construction need.
Cons of Cedar Siding
  1. More involved maintenance. Cedar siding maintenance is simply quite straightforward, though it is not the most low-maintenance option available. It does require more of a grease and upkeep and its synthetic counterparts.
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