Custom Woodworking from Dan Banks

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Custom Woodworking from Dan Banks

As a home improvement contractor, things can slow down In the winter months, such as our roofing and siding installation. That’s when we turn to our custom woodworking projects, although we can do them throughout the year. They’re fun to do, and the bonus is, we stay inside where it’s warm and dry!

In addition to our custom bookcases, we craft custom woodworking projects for our clients. Projects can be just about anything that can be made with wood and glass.

A recent example of one of our custom woodworking projects is these custom cubicles Dan made.  (insert photo)

The Thoroughbred Racing Protection Bureau wanted to create custom cubicles for their office. The cubicles needed to create some privacy for their office personnel but be open enough so they could reach out to one another if they needed to.  So, Dan handcrafted these cubicles with stained pine wood and glass. They have over 1700 miter joints, and fitted with frosted glass to give privacy with a classy look for the large office space.

Dan worked with an architect on this project, but he can also design so many projects, bookcases, cabinets, etc. for home and office.

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